The Department of Radiological Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Radiological Sciences Program. The Ministry of Higher Education approved the program in 2008; student admission began in 2009. Most graduates pursue careers as radiological technologists, while others opt for postgraduate studies or diverse roles such as radiation protection officers and PACS administrators. The program spans four academic years, followed by a year of internship training in clinical settings.  

The first year serves as a preparatory foundation, and subsequent years are within the department, focusing on a balanced blend of theoretical and practical sessions. The study plans consist of strategic increases in practical courses while decreasing theoretical courses, ensuring students build a knowledge foundation before honing their skills during a 48-week full-time internship in at least two hospitals. 

Two notable features in our curriculum: a deliberate balance between theoretical and practical courses and infusion of computer science into a traditionally structured radiological science program.  

In 2022-2023, we started a 2 year M.Sc. in Radiological Sciences with three tracks: 1. Health Physics and Radiation Protection, 2. Medical Diagnostic Imaging, and 3. Radiotherapy and Dosimetry. 


Aspire education, research and professionalism in Radiological Sciences. 


Providing outstanding education and research in radiological sciences programs with effective community services 


  • To promote excellence in teaching and students learning. 
  • To ensure sufficient infrastructure and resources, and conducive learning environment for effective program delivery. 
  • To accomplish excellence in radiological sciences research. 
  • To sustain relationships with community through radiological sciences service. 


  • Honesty 
  • Cooperation 
  • Integrity 
  • Respect 

Functional Committees

Curriculum Development Committee 

  • Dr. Ebtisam Aldaais (Head)  
  • Mr. Syed Mohamed Sadath (Coordinator)  
  • Dr. Ali Alghamdi (Member) 
  • Dr. Elfatih Abuelhia (Member) 
  • Dr. Haney Sleem (Member) 
  • Dr. Hamed Alshammari (Member) 
  • Dr. Osama Mabrouk (Member) 
  • Ms. Wejdan Alaraik (Member)  

Program Quality Committee  

  • Mr. Syed Mohamed Sadath (Coordinator)  
  • Dr. Hamed AlShammari (Member) 
  • Ms. Wejdan Alaraik (Member)  

 Examination Committee

  • Mr. Abdulrahman Alzandi (Coordinator) 
  • Mr. Amro Hashash (Member)  

Postgraduate Studies & Scientific Research Committee

  • Dr. Elfatih Abuelhia (Head)  
  • Dr. Ali Alghamdi (Member) 
  • Dr. Ebtisam Aldaais (Member) 
  • Dr. Osama Mabrouk (Member) 

Field Training & Internship Committee

  • Mr. Amro Hashash (Coordinator)  
  • Mr. Abdulrahman Alzandi (Member) 
  • Mr. Ali Ayyashi (Member) 
  • Mr. Ali Abbad (Member) 
  • Mr. Nasser AlQahtani (Member) 
  • Mr. Mohamed Khatabah (Secretary)  

Community services & Alumni committee

  • Dr. Haney Sleem (Coordinator) 
  • Ms. Wejdan Alaraik (Member) 
  • Mr. Abdulrahman Alzandi (Member) 
  • Mr. Mohamed AlKhatabah (Secretary) 
  • Mr. Abdul Wahab Al Jassir (Final year student) 

Recruitment & Faculty development committee

  • Dr. Ebtisam Aldaais (Head)  
  • Dr. Ali Alghamdi (Member) 
  • Dr. Elfatih Abuelhia (Member) 
  • Dr. Osama Mabrouk (Member) 
  • Dr. Haney Sleem (Member) 

Labs, Safety & Purchasing Committee

  • Mr. Abdulrahman Alzandi (Head) 
  • Mr. Ali Ayyashi (Member) 
  • Mr. Ali Abbad (Member) 
  • Mr. Nasser Alqahtani (Member) 
  • Mr. Muhammad AlKhtabah (Secretary) 

Student Academic Advisors

  • Dr. Ali Alghamdi 
  • Dr. Haney Sleem  
  • Dr. Osama Mabrouk  
  • Dr. Elfatih Abuelhia  
  • Dr. Hamed Alshammari 
  • Mr. Abdulrahman Alzandi 
  • Ms. Wejdan Alaraik 
  • Mr. Amro Hashash 

Alumni Testimonials

Having graduated in 2018, I, Mohammed Salem Alyami, proudly served as the leader of my Radiological Sciences class throughout my college years. The department provided an enriching academic environment, fostering my passion for the field. The exceptional faculty and cutting-edge resources contributed significantly to my growth. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experiences prepared me for success in the dynamic realm of Radiological Sciences. I am grateful for the unwavering support and mentorship that defined my academic journey. My time in the department was instrumental in shaping my skills and mindset, propelling me into a rewarding career. I wholeheartedly endorse the Radiological Sciences department for its commitment to excellence and dedication to producing well-rounded professionals. 

Mohammed Salem Alyami

I’m Nawaf Alyami, a graduate of the radiological science class of 2021. It was a sincere acknowledgment and gratitude to be among the luckiest students who graduated from the radiology program. Under astonishing, outstanding faculty, they yield the knowledge I need and show me the perfect way to practice it. In addition, I took advantage of what I had learned, which served me well in my career as a radiology professional. I took the pleasure of being the leader of my 2018 batch for two years, and we were glad to assist each other as a group. Our collaborative spirit proved invaluable, and we supported each other throughout our academic internship; I exploited every chance to practice and get supervised by my senior. I learned how stressful, challenging, and accurate my role in radiology is to the patient and the examination. I realized how important it is to be in such a role and how to be distinguished.  

Nawaf Hussein Alyami 

Contact us

Dr. Ebtisam Aldaais 
Chair of Radiological Sciences Department 
Tel. 013 333 1394 

Mr. Taher AL- Kuleeb 
Department Secretary 
Tel.013 333 1205 

Mr. Syed Mohamed Sadath 
Program Academic Coordinator (Bachelor), 
Program Quality Coordinator 
Tel. 013 333 1281 

 Dr. Elfatih Abuelhia 
Program Academic Coordinator (Master), 
Scientific Research Committee Coordinator 
Tel. 013 333 1307 

Dr. Haney Sleem 
Community Service Coordinator 

Mr. Amro Hashash 
Internship and training Affairs Coordinator 
Tel.013 333 1284 

Mr. Abdulrahman Alzandi
Labs, Safety & Purchasing Committee 

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