The clinical nutrition program offers students a strong foundation in clinical, teaching, research, and management domains through four years of full-time study. After completion of all required courses the students have to spend one whole year (12 months) in training and practicing clinical nutrition in a form of training rounds in approved hospital wards and specialized health centers, under joint academic supervision of the Department of Clinical Nutrition in the College of Applied Medical Sciences and administrative supervision of the staff members of hospital wards and specialized health centers.


Attaining local and international leadership and excellence through providing world-class education and research programs in clinical nutrition.


Our mission is to graduate competent professionals able to provide unique clinical nutrition services. We are enthusiastic to equip students with deep knowledge and extensive training to become globally competent and easy to engage in research, innovation, and health care practice. We’ll inspire them to be self-motivated, positive, industrious and tailor them to craft a healthy society. Furthermore, we look for meeting the local demands and attain worldwide recognition for the quality of graduates.


  • Graduating highly qualified and well-trained cadres to fulfill the gap of local clinical nutrition labor market.
  • Establishing postgraduate studies in clinical nutrition and its emanating disciplines.
  • Develop students’ self-motivation, critical thinking, problem solving and innovation skills as well as leadership prospective in dietetics.
  • Provide students with morals and career ethics
  • Increase health literacy to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle and social behavior.
  • Providing consultancy services and continuous community education programs for public and specialists in the field of nutrition and health care.
  • Linking education and research to the community needs and labor market requirements.