The clinical nutrition program offers students a strong foundation in clinical, teaching, research, and management domains through four years of full-time study. After completion of all required courses the students have to spend one whole year (12 months) in training and practicing clinical nutrition in a form of training rounds in approved hospital wards and specialized health centers, under joint academic supervision of the Department of Clinical Nutrition in the College of Applied Medical Sciences and administrative supervision of the staff members of hospital wards and specialized health centers.


Attaining distinction and creativity in clinical nutrition specialty nationally, regionally and internationally.


Prepare students academically and clinically for dietetics practice and promote their professional development through foundation of creative knowledge, research, and effective community partnerships.


  •  Provide students with quality education, independent learning skills, scientific and evidence based of practice in clinical nutrition.
  •  Ensure highly professional practice expectations in the field of clinical nutrition (i.e. beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors for the professional dietitian level of practice).
  •  Promote applicable and evidence-based scientific research in the field of clinical nutrition.
  •  Achieve in professional way clinical and community services through valuable development and delivery of information, products and services to individuals, groups and populations.
Published on: 14 May 2014
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