Lab description

Microbiology lab is designed to diagnose and treat infectious diseases by culturing  different samples, monitoring bacterial growth and applying different tests that aims to identify the type of microorganism and determine appropriate antibiotic for treatment.


  • To expose the students to a wide range of microorganisms associated with different infections.
  • To give the students the opportunity to develop their observation skills, recording and data interpretation skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to understand the human-pathogen interactions and their consequences.
  • Learn to apply different microbiology techniques able them to identify pathogens and help suggesting the correct antibiotic.

Techniques Applied

  • Sample culturing.
  • Biochemical reactions.
  • API-20E (Analysis Profile Index-20).
  • Antibiotic sensitivity test.
  • Culture media preparation.
  • Routine and special staining.
Published on: 15 November 2017
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