• Academic Advising and Counseling Unit 

The advising unit at the College of Dentistry aims to help students learn and develop greater confidence in their academic achievement. The VDAA office oversees the academic advising process to help students in academic-related matters. Regular meetings are scheduled by academic advisors during faculty office hours.  Students Affairs and Registration Unit 

  • Student Affairs & Registration Unit

 The unit supervises students'  course registration and their commitment to the study plan prepared for them in coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration to ensure the validity and integrity of the students registration process. 

  • Examination, Calibration and Competency and Unit (ECCU)

To formulate, direct, implement, and monitor the college policies on all issues related to undergraduate assessment & examination. This unit is comprised of the following three divisions:

 Examination Division 

Formulate standardized examination format(s) that respond to various departments' needs. Guide the development, implementation, and oversight of a standardized template for rubrics and assessments: presentations, assignments, seminars, written, oral examinations and others. Oversee the whole examination process from start to finish and report to the concerned authorities.

Calibration Division

This division monitor and calibrate the delivery of the course assessment and competency examination process at the college and Create fairness and transparency in evaluative methods.

Competency Division

The division oversees and ensures that undergraduate students have completed and passed the required competency prior to progressing to the next year level. Monitoring the completion of all competency procedures in accordance with the approved schedule and reporting the results of the competency procedures to the VDAA at the end of each semester.


  • Learning Resources & E-Learning Support Unit

The Unit is committed to the delivery of E-Learning platforms and learning resources facilities including classrooms and libraries. The unit coordinates with the Deanship E-Learning and Distance Learning, Directorate of the University Campus, and Directorate of Library Affairs at the university level to provide a high quality, efficient, and modernized learning experience in the college to students and faculty members. 

  • Student Activities unit 

Responsible for students’ non-academic activities such as social, cultural, and physical activities competitions, and events.  



  • Academic Affairs Committee 

The Committee members include all departments chairpersons and selected faculty. The purpose is to communicate and provide clarification and enforcement of college policies as administrated and discuss any academic-related matters that requires the development of new policies or regulations.  Curriculum Development Committee 

  • The Curriculum Development Committee

The committee reviews and approves all curriculum and program requirements. The committee is responsible for maintaining the high-quality curriculum standards and implementing the curriculum in an organized and efficient manner. 

  • Examination Facilitation Committee 

The committee is responsible for the scheduling, conducting, and confidentiality of the examinations and making sure the process is functioning properly based on the rules implemented by the college.  

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