• Supervise the curriculum development and and learning objectives. 
  • Ensure application of all university rule and regulation for examination and assessments. 
  • Supervise all units and committees related to academic affairs. 
  • Responsible for creation of all teaching schedules and arranging with other colleges in collaboration with deanship or registration and admission. 
  • Supervise the examination process through the department and deanship of registration and admission.
  • Ensure application of all university rules and regulations related to admission and transfer to and from the college and creating any necessary committees if needed. 
  • Raise suggestion to tasks and memberships for all units and committees under the VDAA
  • Heading the committees and units under the vice deanship and raise annual reports regarding its progress. 
  • Study all requests related to study postponement,  apology and withdrawn requests according to university rules and regulations. 
  • Prepare the list of graduating students and students with denials from entry of final exams. 
  • Conduct the activities for the orientation week. 
  • Supervise all matters related to students support academic advising and counseling.
  • Oversee the students council election.
  • Submit annual reports to the dean from all committees and units under the vice deanship.  
  • Update the college website for all items related to the VDAA office. 
  • The VDAA serve as a secretary of the college board. 
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