The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs (VDAA) is responsible for overseeing all units and committees related to the academic affairs, ensuring the application of university guidelines, preparing teaching schedules, examinations, coordinating the admission and transfer process, student academic support, ensure availability of learning resources and ensuring compliance with university rules and regulations. VDAA also oversees orientation week for newly enrolled students. The Vice Deanship oversees the Curriculum Development Committee, to ensure regular and timely curriculum review and revision. 

The VDAA office oversees the entire examination process at the college, which includes examination scheduling, monitoring the examination preparation and auditing cycle, handling all examination logistics, monitoring the invigilation process, and providing results, and monitoring the quality of examination. VDAA office also ensures that each student receives feedback following the assessment while maintaining anonymity of the exams.  

The VDAA reports on program learning achievement, ensuring the accomplishment of goals and objectives related to education and key performance indicators in the strategic plan. VDAA facilitates field training components in courses and prepare annual reports on program evaluations. The Vice Deanship also coordinates with the Students Affairs deanship to supervise tasks related to student activities. Also, it provides students’ academic counseling through the academic advising and counseling through support from the university academic counseling center. In collaboration with the deanship of E-learning, VDAA provides E-Learning platforms and learning resources to the students for efficient and modernized learning experience in the college.

The Vice Dean is also in charge of overseeing the implementation of competency and calibration in college which is conducted through an examination, calibration, and competency unit (ECCU). The unit ensures that calibration is implemented in each division and that the process is standardized, evaluation is adequate, and that technical help is provided as needed.

A report for academic performance is also prepared and submitted to the college board, ensuring adherence to quality measures in accordance with education and learning standards by accreditation bodies. Annual reports and minutes are prepared for all units and committees under academic affairs. Regular website data updates are also maintained.

 In summary, the Vice Deanship plays a crucial role in overseeing various aspects of the college, including the curriculum monitoring and development, process of examination, student activities (curricular and extracurricular), learning resources and E-learning, Academic Advising, admission, and registration process. 


The VDAA is directly responsible for all academic affairs related to: 

  • Academic departments. 
  • Deanship Admissions and Registration. 
  • Deanship of Student Affairs.
Published on: 31 December 2015
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