Academic Accreditation Unit


Implementation and compliance of academic quality assurance and accreditation standards. 


  1. Prepare the College for national and international academic accreditation in collaboration with the DQAA.
  2. Infuse a culture of quality in faculty members and supporting staff, as well as the students in the College.
  3. Implement and execute the standards of the management of Quality and Academic Accreditation in the College according to the NCAAA requirements.
  4. Lead the unit specific strategic plan
  5. Participate in preparation and implementation of Strategic plan for the College.
  6. Identify weaknesses and prepare corrective action plans
  7. Assist and support for quality procedures implementation
  8. Documentation of all activities related to quality and accreditation
  9. Formulate performance and stakeholders' satisfaction reports.
  10. Document and report related activities to the Vice Dean Vice Deanship for Development and Community  Partnership. 
  11. Continuous orientation of departments and staff with quality and accreditation regulation and requirements
  12. Apply for accreditation and sustain it.
  13. Plan and conduct self-study and prepare reports for analysis and actions.

Documentation and Records Unit


Collection and archiving of data and documents in both paper and electronic forms and facilitate retrieval according to regulations. 


  1. Establish operational policy for documentation and archiving 
  2. Encourage electronic archiving 
  3. Manage the College website, update it and enhance performance 
  4. Encourage staff members to use the website and establish their own. 
  5. Contribute to website posts to make it informative and resourceful 

Continuing Education and Faculty Development Unit


Determining training needs of academic, support and auxiliary staffs and encourage participation in career enhancement and personal development activities. 


  1. Perform needs analysis for staff training. 
  2. Establish annual skill development strategic plan 
  3. Implement skill development programs. 
  4. Follow-ups for efficacy of development programs    
  5. Organize seminars, lectures and workshops in collaboration with Dental Education Department 

Public Relation and Communication Unit


The unit manages the public relations activities of the College, dissemination and promotion of college activities in the media, organize receptions and gatherings at the College and maintain regular communication channels with the College staffs for exchange of information and announcements. 


  1. Assist departments and administration to upgrade and enhance usage of the website 
  2. Collaborate and communicate with the University portal administration 
  3. Develop promotional plans and proper coverage of College events and activities like conferences, symposia and workshops. 
  4. Enhance College image in public and in Media 

Alumni and Career Development Unit


The unit maintains and updates the database and information about College graduates and alumni accomplishments, seeks their feedback and opinion through survey tools and encourages alumni to support their College in all aspects. 


  1. Establish strategic plan and work policy for the committee 
  2. Establish database for graduates and alumni 
  3. Survey and analyze alumni satisfaction and discuss results with concerned departments.  
  4. Keep constant communication with graduates and alumni 
  5. Encourage alumni to participate in college activities whenever possible 
  6. Organize events to illustrate the college achievements and current activities to alumni 
  7. Encourage alumni to support for college, financially and publicly 

Excellence Awards


Supervise the nomination procedures of awards offered by the college. The committee is formed annually by the College Faculty Board, headed by Vice Dean Vice Deanship for Development and Community  Partnership and 2 staff members. 


  1. Announcement of dates and procedures for excellence awards
  2. Receive documents with required criteria and nominations for the awards.
  3. Evaluation and selecting one from nominees, faculty, administration and support staff.
  4. Report recommendations to the Dean through Vice Dean Vice Deanship for Development and Community  Partnership. 
  5. Selection and preparation of the award design and ceremony.

College Annual Report Unit


The unit prepares the annual report of the College activities based on the data from all academic and administrative departments highlighting their performance for the year.  The unit functions through a committee formed annually by the College Faculty Board and headed by the Vice Dean for Studies, Development and Community Service.


  1. Preparation of the college annual report in collaboration with all departments
  2. Collection of all needed data and documents
  3. Deliver the report to the Dean.

Measurement & Evaluation


Plan, schedule and conduct evaluation surveys to get feedback from students, alumni, employers of the college graduates and other stake holders. Surveys aid in evaluation of academic activities of the College, the educational program(s) and services provided by the dental clinics. The unit analyzes the surveys and prepares the reports.


Create, develop and manage a database of performance indicators and evaluation surveys for the quality and academic accreditation of the college as an information resource unit.

Professionalism and Leadership Unit

The professionalism and leadership unit focuses on raising the standard of care and achieving an outstanding professional level among all members of college of dentistry. They have 5 main goals; education and awareness, provide resources and mentorship, training, assessment, and advance the leadership skills. 

Risk Management Unit

This Risk Management Policy is an integral part of COD RMF, covering all activities of functional departments and divisions. The policy applies to all employees, contractors and vendors. The main responsibility lies with the departmental heads ensuring compliance to the RMP of the College and policies and procedures. 

Scope of Service of the Unit 

a) The scope of the Risk Management Unit encompasses patients, visitors, students, and staff. The plan addresses maintenance and improvement of safety in every department throughout the facility. 

b) The Unit identifies risk and adverse events through Occurrence Variance reporting, complaints and other data sources. 

c) The staff of the Risk Management Unit coordinate collection of internal and external data on potential risk and report the analysis and investigated findings of the actual and potential risk to the Vice Deanship for Development and Community Partnership, administration and the respective department. 

Community Service Unit


Quality Assurance & Improvement Committee


The Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee (QAIC) is established to monitor and evaluate operational quality improvement activities for academic, clinical and administrative entities. It also recommend continuous quality improvement strategies to higher administration.


The committee will facilitate development of quality culture, policy and procedures and practices according to national and international standards which have been identified by the University and/ or College Administration.

The Committee will evaluate various academic, clinical and administrative practices in the college and report to the Dean who may discuss issues in College Board.


  1. Ensure that College functions and activities are in line with the vision, mission and objectives of the College.
  2. Ensure that implemented standards are followed and practiced by the departments and that required documents, reports and related Key Performance Indicators are submitted regularly and timely.
  3. Facilitate implementation and compliance to the College’s Quality Assurance Plan by concerned stake holders in and out of the College.
  4. Review policies and procedures of the college and various departments / divisions every three years or as needed.
  5. Develop new policies and procedures along with the respective departments / divisions of the college for standardized functioning, get them approved by the Faculty Board and provide awareness to the stake holders.
  6. Facilitate quality awareness, training and communication for quality initiatives to the staff through programs, workshops, memos and reports.
  7. Discuss and finalize goals and objectives for the forthcoming academic year and the previous year’s performance for submission to the Faculty Board.

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