• Supervise clinical affairs units. 
  • Plan and supervise the execution of educational programs conducted in the university facilities maintaining professional and ethical environment.  
  • Create teaching opportunities by coordinating collaborative projects between departments of college of dentistry and other healthcare collages in the university.  
  • Supervise execution of MOMs and partnerships with other national organizations.  
  • Ensure the alignment with national requirements and policies pertaining to healthcare.  
  • Prepare special programs for professional and administrative development in the Dental College facilities.   
  • Participate in preparing annual budget and human resources needs to ensure the quality and efficient services.  
  • Support research projects conducted by the departments of the college.  
  • Monitor the update of the college website with regards to Vice Deanship for clinical affairs information.  
  • Submit periodic performance report for units of the vice deanship.  
  • Monitor the administrative processes and attend meetings related to the University Academic City and related units.  
Published on: 03 January 2016
Last update on: 22 August 2023
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